Our Promise

Fashion is meant to be an expression of our individuality, but it cannot come at the cost of our collective future. The fashion industry, which creates nearly 10% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions annually, churns out new clothes at an alarming rate, filling up landfills, polluting our air, and contaminating water ways all over the world.

Cerer was founded with a simple goal: make the world a cleaner place, one piece of clothing at a time.

 We want to challenge the status quo by encouraging you to invest in sustainable, well-made, classic pieces that are built to be worn for years to come. We carry brands who share our passion for making the fashion industry a cleaner place. They embody our commitment to sustainable, ethical production practices by incorporating a wide array of environmentally minded behaviors into their supply chains. From using recycled materials to running small batch productions to limit waste and ensuring safe and ethical labor conditions, our partners work to reduce their carbon footprint in every step of the production process.

At our core, we are fashion fanatics who know the power our spending carries. As consumers, we have the power to change the industry for the better. By purchasing from companies we believe in, investing in well-made pieces of clothing rather than short-lived fast fashion pieces, and demanding transparency, we can signal the importance of protecting our planet through the clothing we wear.

Cerer isn’t about sacrificing style for sustainability, it’s about merging our love for fashion with our desire to protect the planet through the clothing we sell. Whether you’re looking for one or two additions to your wardrobe, or the perfect pair of ripped jeans, we want to be your sustainable go-to.