Our Promise

The fashion industry contributes nearly 10% of the world’s greenhouse gases every year--the second largest consumer of freshwater, one of the largest contributors to landfills daily, and, as an industry, filled with abusive labor conditions. Why not do everything we can to change that?

Cerer was founded with a simple goal: make the world a cleaner place, one piece of clothing at a time. 

We carry brands who share our passion for making the fashion industry a cleaner place--who embody our commitment to sustainable, ethical practices and production cycles. Our sourced brands incorporate a wide array of environmentally-minded behaviors, like using recycled water bottles in their fabrics, utilizing small batch production runs to limit their waste, to their factory and labor conditions to ensure the most earth friendly clothing possible. This means you can rest easy and shop comfortably knowing each piece you buy has been ethically and sustainably designed and manufactured. 

But Cerer doesn’t just stop there: all of our orders are shipped in recycled, zero-waste packaging, and we’re currently working on offsetting each of our shipments’ carbon emissions. 

Cerer is… a curated selection of clothing that goes way beyond trends and seasons--we want you to invest in pieces that will live in your closet for years to come. Whether you’re looking for one or two additions to your wardrobe, or for the perfect pair of ripped jeans, we hope to be your sustainable go-to. 

So go ahead, shop guilt free-- we promise to sweat the big stuff for you.