our promise

Cerer was founded with the goal of making sustainable shopping accessible. our mission is to highlight smaller brands who share our commitment to taking steps toward making the world a cleaner and healthier place, one outfit at a time.

the fashion industry contributes 8% of the world’s greenhouse gases every year— why not do everything we can to change that? 

each brand we partner with has been vetted and selected for their sustainable practices, eco-minded values, and desire to revamp the fashion industry for the better— meaning you can rest easy and shop comfortably knowing each piece we show you has been ethically and sustainably designed and manufactured.

and it doesn’t stop there, all of our orders are shipped in recycled, zero-waste packaging; and we are working to offset the carbon emissions created by each shipment. 

there’s no reason you should have to scour the internet for hours searching for each piece of clothing. we pride ourselves on a curated selection of clothing that goes beyond trends and seasons, meaning everything you want and need is just a shopping cart away. 

so go ahead, shop guilt free— we promise to sweat the big stuff for you.