Welcome to The Daisy Chain!

Welcome to The Daisy Chain, the official blog of Cerer: your one-stop shop for sustainable fashion. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll cover the impact of the fashion industry on the environment, introduce you to our partner brands, provide tips on sustainable living, and much more. 

But first, we want to tell you a little more about Cerer. 

Cerer was founded this year with the goal of making sustainable shopping accessible. Our mission is to highlight smaller brands who share our commitment to making our planet cleaner and healthier, one outfit at a time. 

Our founder, Anna Lise Ericson -- currently a student at Northwestern University -- always hoped to work in fashion. After reading the devastating 2018 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report, she began investigating the impact of fashion on the environment. When she discovered that the wasteful, careless practices of the fashion industry contributed a staggering 8% of the world’s greenhouse gases every year, something inside her snapped.

When it came to the fashion industry, business as usual was no longer good enough: Anna Lise knew that when she embarked on her career in fashion, her work would have to break the mold. And so, the spark behind Cerer was ignited. 

Anna Lise set out to create a platform that combined her love of clothes with her deep CARE/COMMITMENT for the environment -- one that takes care of the research, removes the guesswork, and makes it easier for busy, everyday people to shop sustainably. She named the company Cerer after her mom, Carmen Elisa Rodriguez Ericson, who inspired her love of all things beautiful and her sense of responsibility for the planet. 

Fast forward a year -- it’s 2020, and shopcerer.com is live and running. Each brand we partner with has been vetted and selected for its sustainable practices, eco-minded values, and desire to revamp the fashion industry for the better. When you shop at Cerer, you can rest assured that each piece we show you has been ethically and sustainably designed and manufactured.

But our commitment to the environment doesn’t stop there. We’ve thought through the impact of every aspect of our business model and each step of the supply chain. All of our orders are shipped in recycled, zero-waste packaging, and we’re working to offset the carbon emissions created by each shipment. 

Here at Cerer, we believe that it’s cool to care. We also believe that there’s no reason you should have to scour the internet for hours to determine the environmental impact of each piece of clothing you purchase. We promise to sweat the big stuff for you. And, because sustainability is an evolving conversation, we’re excited to start speaking directly with the Cerer community -- that’s you! -- here at The Daisy Chain. 

Thanks for stopping by -- and, as always, happy shopping!

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