The Cory Bodysuit Styled Four Ways

The Cory Bodysuit Styled Four Ways

Bodysuits, man. I remember when they first came back into style, and it felt like Christmas for a five year old. You’re telling me I can still wear a tank top, but eliminate the anticipatory dilemma of the shirt not perfectly tucking into my jean shorts? A miracle in fabric if I’ve ever seen one. The Cory bodysuit by Whimsey + Row is no exception. It satisfies your ribbed craving, and hugs you just the way you like it. And while the bodysuit may work wonders, a scoop neck can be intimidating. After a few friends approached us asking how to style it (down to the nitty gritty like what kind of bra to wear with it), we decided to share here! Let us know if there are any other pieces you’d want to see styled!

This first look we took an atypical styling route and paired with ribbed flare pants. The stripes plus the flare create a subtle 70s vibe. This outfit is minimalist but exceedingly chic and anything but basic. If you don’t have ribbed flare pants, any solid colored fun pant will do. For the winter, I’m thinking of pairing mine with a velvet straight pant and some glittery heels. 

Anna Lise looks like a modern day Juliet here (at least the one we picture in Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’). The Converse offset the sophistication of the midi slit skirt, while the bodysuit tucks perfectly in. Anna Lise draped a jean jacket over the shoulders to dinner out with friends. 

Jean skirts are never a bad idea, especially when they have the perfect fray. Don’t get us wrong though, we don’t discriminate. The Cory Bodysuit would look just as good with a dark button down jean skirt or a light washed mini. 

The black version of this bodysuit is a no-brainer. In fact, we insist every individual should have a plain black bodysuit in their closet. Nav tossed a pair of boyfriend jeans and sneakers on: the looser the jean the better :)

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