Our Favorite Black Owned Sustainable Brands

Our Favorite Black Owned Sustainable Brands

Tapping into the world of sustainable fashion is an intimidating task: it is exclusive from many vantage points including size inclusivity, pricepoint, and racial demographic. Our hope is that in this space of sustainable fashion we will continue to educate ourselves and refine how we interact with brands and consumers so we can make this community welcoming and accessible for all. We have our own work to do, including incorporating more brands by BIPOC on our site. In researching Black owned sustainable brands, we stumbled across far too many to keep to ourselves. So, you’re welcome in advance, for introducing you to a few of our favorite gems. 

1. Edas

I hope my mom isn’t reading this because if she is, spoiler alert: this bag is your next birthday present. These bags are perfect in every way: from the handle to the tortoise shell buckle and to their shape that combines the crispness of a brief case, with the daintiness of a handbag. This is the timeless kind of purse that will never go out of style. 

2. Mie

When it comes to sustainable fashion, we want to dress responsibly without looking like a hemp sack. I could not contain my excitement when I stumbled upon Mie, a Nigerian based brand that uses natural and biodegradable fabrics. Their pieces, mainly linen, are anything but said hemp sack. From the wide leg trousers to the iconic sundresses, I added at least 5+ items to cart. 

3. Proclaim

If the past two months have taught us anything, it is to relentlessly question what we view as the norm. Nude underwear has perpetuated the sustenance of white privilege, assuming all individuals seek the same shade that matches only a privileged number of skin colors. Proclaim was founded off of the urgent need to reform lingerie as we know it without sacrificing style and environmental impact. Not going to lie, very grateful to have discovered a non-thong underwear line I can get behind. 

4. House of Aama

Discovering a brand that so sincerely honors authenticity and vulnerability is one of my favorite parts of fashion. House of Aama does exactly that. Founded by a mother daughter duo, HOA translates the Black experience into clothing. The pieces are made to order, arguably the greatest antithesis to fast fashion, and made with 100% organic cotton. The second it is safe to go out, I will be wearing this top with flared bell bottoms and a cork wedge. 

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