An Unlikely Camaraderie

An Unlikely Camaraderie

Every business has a competitor, but we feel pretty confident in saying that we are somewhat of a unicorn in our field. Our goal is to grow, promote and educate on sustainable fashion, so the more traffic in our industry the better. Secondhand, particularly virtual secondhand marketplaces, have seen an unprecedented rise in sales. A head of marketing for Depop reported that they have seen “‘Record-breaking performance across all of our key markets, and have consistently seen triple-digit-growth on the platform’” since the start of the pandemic. The temptation behind secondhand allows us fashion girls to indulge in trend driven styles along with endless access to new and unseen products daily (more like hourly) without compromising the environment. And to sweeten the deal, it's at a fraction of the cost.

Now we know it might sound disconcerting to hear a sustainable e-commerce platform boasting the appeal of thrifting. Hear us out. First and foremost, we are passionate about sustainable fashion. That means we are committed to spreading awareness regarding the perils of fast fashion and promoting alternative purchasing behaviors. We will not grow unless our community does with us. Secondly, we believe in the mixing of wardrobes. Piecing together statement thrifted pieces alongside sustainably produced denim is the intersection of style and sustainability. 

Our favorite secondhand sites: 

  1. FunnyPrettyNice

Natalia, the mind behind FPN, artfully curated her playful but sophisticated array of clothing. With weekly drops and nods to 90s and 2000s fashion, FPN caters to those seeking eccentric additions to their closet. 

  1. Room Shop Vintage

Room Shop Vintage established themselves so definitively in the fashion industry that the brand started its own in house line creating puff sleeved dresses and tops out of deadstock fabrics. The dress below is a product of their inspiring floral prints. Over quarantine, the shop has expanded to face masks and scrunchies. We highly recommend keeping an eye on Room Shop as they continue to pave a space for themselves in the industry.


  1. Awoke Vintage Brooklyn

Awoke Vintage Brooklyn is the seasoned veteran of this group. With a brick and mortar location in Brooklyn, AVB has pivoted their sales during Covid to Instagram stories. They boast the most consistent array of basics like graphic tees and pre-loved Levi’s. I recently purchased a robin’s egg silk tank that I paired with my Tommy’s.  

  1. Na Nin Vintage

Similar to Room Shop, Na Nin cultivated such high demand for their curation they created their own line of luxury sweats. I look to Na Nin for oversized button downs that somehow look sexy without looking baggy and pants that deserved to be called trousers. 

  1. Aarica Nichole Vintage

The greatest theme we have seen emerge with this new wave of vintage shopping is the ability of collectors to storytell through their clothing. Unlike the outdated connotation regarding consignment stores (cluttered chaos), each thrifter expresses their vision through the pieces they do and do not include. Aarica Nichole is no exception. She has taken her own twist on the classic “Harley Davidson” Tee  with the scrunchie top. While I’ve had my eye on the scrunchie tee for quite some time now (she drops them weekly and somehow sell out in minutes), I was able to secure this fantastic sweater (shoulder pads, collar, buttons and all) styled below with my mom’s 80s Guess jean shorts and grandma’s vintage Prada slides. 

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