An Open Letter to Our Community

Today we write to you from a place of outrage and heartbreak. As white women, Haley, Katie, and I acknowledge that we have benefited from the inherently racist system that America is built on. It is our responsibility to educate ourselves and use our platform to amplify the voices and experiences of our Black peers. We cannot preach that we care for the environment and a sustainable future if we don’t take meaningful action to protect the lives of Black Americans today. A future without justice is not a sustainable future. 

We have been attending our local protests, donating to bailout and protestor supply funds, as well as organizations that provide mental health resources to the Black community. However, these actions only go so far. We believe that engaging in meaningful discussions, especially when it is uncomfortable, is a necessary step in fighting the systematic racism that runs so deeply in our country and in bettering ourselves as allies to the Black community. This involves actively listening to the voices and needs of our black peers, and accepting that when we make mistakes, we will learn from them with grace and adaptability. 

Cerer started because I saw a need for more accessible sustainable fashion. Accessibility has many dimensions: price point, size inclusivity, and carbon footprint, to name a few. While our company blossomed due to a need for what we created, our quest to ensure accessibility does not stop there. We vow to invest in Black designers, to represent people of all backgrounds and races in our photoshoots, to ensure future job opportunities for people of color and actively work to create an inclusive work environment. We look to our role models: Brother Vellies, who has challenged our community with the #15PercentPledge. Black Americans comprise 15% of the USA population, and Brother Vellies wants our community to commit 15% of our purchases to Black owned businesses. We are joining the #15PercentPledge and we hope you do too.

The Cerer Team is planning on dedicating time each week to watch relevant documentaries and engage in open discussion and reflection with each other after. This week we will be viewing “13th” which is available on Netflix. We are also starting an internal book club focusing on these topics. We hope you join us! This month we will be reading “Me and White Supremacy: Combat Racism, Change the World, and Become a Good Ancestor” by Layla F Saad. You can purchase the book at Eso Won Bookstore, a Black owned bookstore based in LA. 

We open the floor to you to engage in discussion and reflect on your own experiences with race. To say we desire a sustainable future, a world that supports our future grandchildren, is obsolete if we enable systems that do not value the lives of innocent humans that are jogging, sleeping in their own homes, or existing today. 


Resource Links: 

15% Pledge:

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Donate to Support Therapy for Black Women and Girls:

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