An Incomplete List of Trailblazers in Climate Justice

If you have made it to this site, you are either one of two categories (and if you are not, I deeply apologize for misplacing you): you are a fashion lover who peripherally cares about the environment or vice versa. So welcome! Whether or not you compost, it’s safe to say the preservation of the environment plagues your thoughts daily. Anna Lise started Cerer due to palpitations at the thought of how our love for clothing jeopardizes our futures. So she took matters into her own hands, following the lead of many other courageous individuals. We found it imperative to share these individuals: the trailblazers, pioneers, initial outcasts who sacrificed some part of themselves for the sake of this planet. We’d love to keep this list growing so email me ( anyone or group who deserves recognition for inching us closer to a safer tomorrow. 

  • Patagonia

It wouldn’t be an appropriate roundup if we did not include the OG’s of sustainable fashion, Patagonia. Never forget their legendary “Don’t buy this jacket campaign”. Not only has Patagonia taken the 1% challenge (have since donated $89 million to domestic and international grassroots organizations), they also use their high profile status to promote and educate consumers on the perils of the planet and groups taking initiative. 

  • Indigenous Environmental Network 

This organization concentrates on building the capacity of Indigenous communities to fight back against the environmental injustices the nation has afflicted. Below is a snapshot of only a fraction of the issues the team is working to combat. The indigenous population has experienced the most exploitation and climate injustice within any demographic in the U.S. This organization built a framework of tools for the communities to use. 


  •  Hip Hop Caucus: Green the Block

Green the Block’s three pillars of activism include: Education & Awareness, Grassroots Advocacy, and Youth Activism. The alarming gap between BIPOC and white communities access to clean air and resources has instilled an urgency to lift this burdened demographic up internally as well as policy change. Informing individuals of their rights (or lack thereof) is the first step in environmental activism. But the burden should not fall on the affected population. 

  • OPAL Environmental Justice

OPAL, which stands for ‘Organizing People, Activating Leaders’, was founded by and for POC and low income communities. It started with one goal: improve indoor and outdoor air quality and asthma for neighborhoods along the 1-205 freeway (predominantly low income and POC). Since then, the grassroots organization has expanded to housing, land use, public health and climate policy. 

  • An Instagram we look to for inspiration- @thatcurlytop

Jazmine Rogers is an icon when it comes to fighting for sustainability and climate justice. She coined the hashtag #rewearthat encouraging her 33.7k (!!) followers to look within their wardrobe before engaging in consumerism. She uses her platform to advocate for greater exposure towards environmental injustice all while gracing us with killer thrifted looks and hacks to reduce our carbon footprint.

This short list is anything but complete. It will continue growing with grassroots organizations leading the way in climate justice. We (Cerer) would not be where we are if it were not for the hustle of these mentors. Let’s continue to honor and champion the unnoticed work of so many heroes who are saving our children and ourselves.

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