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An Incomplete List of Trailblazers in Climate Justice

3 days ago
If you have made it to this site, you are either one of two categories (and if you are not, I dee...
An Unlikely Camaraderie

An Unlikely Camaraderie

September 28 2020
Every business has a competitor, but we feel pretty confident in saying that we are somewhat of a unicorn in our field. 
Knit Tank: Three Ways

Knit Tank: Three Ways

August 22 2020
I decided right then and there Anna Lise chose three ways to style the top because, come on, I cannot be alone in trepidation towards embracing this product.

The Ugly Truth: Fast Fashion Edition

August 7 2020
Fast fashion capitalizes upon our shortening attention span and increasing desire for more. By definition, fast fashion is the rapid production of trend driven clothes produced at a large scale for lower costs. 
The Cory Bodysuit Styled Four Ways

The Cory Bodysuit Styled Four Ways

July 30 2020
After a few friends approached us asking how to style it (down to the nitty gritty like what kind of bra to wear with it), we decided to share here! Let us know if there are any other pieces you’d want to see styled!

A Week of Dressing Sustainably

July 13 2020
We challenged ourselves this past week to wear one sustainably made article of clothing a day. 
Our Favorite Black Owned Sustainable Brands

Our Favorite Black Owned Sustainable Brands

July 3 2020
In researching Black owned sustainable brands, we stumbled across far too many to keep to ourselves. So, you’re welcome in advance, for introducing you to a few of our favorite gems. 

What is Environmental Racism?

June 25 2020
We touched on the significance of accessibility from multiple dimensions, we did not directly label a type of inequality that plagues our society and directly influences the work we do at Cerer: environmental racism. The conventional fashion industry is one of the leading contributors to global pollution, and while the consequences of pollution ultimately threaten all of humanity, it poses a higher risk to primarily Black and low income communities in the United States.

An Open Letter to Our Community

June 4 2020
Today we write to you from a place of outrage and heartbreak. As white women, Haley, Katie, and I acknowledge that we have benefited from the inherently racist system that America is built on. It is our responsibility to educate ourselves and use our platform to amplify the voices and experiences of our Black peers. We cannot preach that we care for the environment and a sustainable future if we don’t take meaningful action to protect the lives of Black Americans today. A future without justice is not a sustainable future. 

Navigating Memorial Day Weekend Sales

May 23 2020
Being as passionate about sustainable fashion as I am straddles a fine line when it comes to indulging in new pieces-- on one hand I’m excited to welcome new brands into this space. Because at heart I’m a fashion girl and no one gets as turned on by a sale like I do. 

Welcome to The Daisy Chain!

April 30 2020
Welcome to The Daisy Chain, the official blog of Cerer: your one-stop shop for sustainable fashion. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll cover the impact of the fashion industry on the environment, introduce you to our partner brands, provide tips on sustainable living, and much more.